SharePoint Web Part Tutorials

If you want to read about SharePoint web parts, you are at the right place. This SharePoint web part tutorial contains the list of web parts available in SharePoint Online modern sites as well as in SharePoint classic sites.

Web parts are reusable components that form the building blocks of SharePoint Online. They are essentially widgets or modules that you can add, modify, or remove on SharePoint pages to create a customized experience. Each web part serves a specific purpose, whether it’s displaying a list of documents, presenting images in a carousel, or showcasing interactive maps.

Web parts can be added to both modern and classic SharePoint Online pages, though the implementation and availability of web parts may differ between the two types of pages.

How to Add and Use Web Parts in SharePoint Online site page

Adding a web part to a SharePoint Online site page or web part page is a straightforward process:

  1. Open the SharePoint online site, and then navigate to the site page where you want to add the web part.
  2. Click the ‘Edit’ button to switch to editing mode.
  3. Click the ‘+’ sign to add a new web part and select the desired web part from the list that appears. Microsoft provides a lot of web parts to work with in SharePoint Online, check the list of web parts below.
  4. Configure the web part as per your needs and click ‘Publish’ to make the changes live.

Web parts can also be moved, removed, or edited anytime to reflect changing needs.

List of Web Parts Available in SharePoint Online Site

Below is the list of web parts available in a modern SharePoint Online site.

  1. Text Web Part: This web part allows users to add and format text, tables, and links on a SharePoint Online site page.
  2. Image Web Part: Users can add images to their SharePoint page with this web part.
  3. Document Library Web Part: This web part displays a document library and customizes how it appears.
  4. News Web Part: A dynamic component that displays the latest news posts on the site.
  5. Events Web Part: It showcases upcoming events, including date, time, and location details.
  6. Weather Web Part: This web part shows the current weather information for a specified location.
  7. Quick Links Web Part: Enables users to provide links to documents, pages, external sites, and more.
  8. People Web Part: Allows showcasing team members or department contacts with their contact details and photos.
  9. Recent documents web part: This web part populates the list of recent documents for the logged user or the current user in SharePoint Online.
  10. Page properties web part: This web part displays the properties of a SharePoint site page.
  11. Bing maps web part: This article explains how to use a Bing map on a SharePoint site page.
  12. Call To Action Web Part: Read this article to know how to use the call-to-action web part in SharePoint Online.
  13. List Properties Web part: We can use the list properties web part to display all the properties of a selected SharePoint Online list item.
  14. People web part: Use the people web part to display the organization hierarchy on a SharePoint Online site page.
  15. Image Gallery Web Part in SharePoint Online: Read to know more on how to use image gallery web part in SharePoint Online.