How to Set a Custom Template for a SharePoint Document Library?

In this SharePoint tutorial, I will show you, how to set a custom template for a SharePoint document library. Also, we will see, how to change SharePoint Online document library template order.

Suppose, I have an Excel template file like the one below:

Set custom template to sharepoint document library

We want whenever a user creates an Excel file, they should use this template so that all the above fields will come by default. So, we will add this custom Excel file as a template to the SharePoint Online document library.

Set a Custom Template for a SharePoint Document Library

By default, there are various templates are available in a document library:

  • Word document
  • Excel workbook
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Forms for Excel
  • Visio drawing,
  • Link, etc

We can use the Word document template to create Word files or we can use the Excel workbook to create Excel files in the SharePoint document library. All the templates are available under the +New button in the command bar like below:

Set custom template to sharepoint online document library

Follow the below steps to add a custom template to the sharepoint document library:

  • First, we will have to create a template file. According to our business requirement, we have created an Excel file; you can create various other template files like Word or PPT, etc., according to your business scenarios.
  • In this case, first, I created an empty Excel file and added the details:
    • Company Name
    • Address
    • Email ID
    • Phone Number, etc.
  • And then saved as “Company Sales Template.xlsx” like below:
Set custom template to sharepoint document library
  • Open the SharePoint document library where you want to set this custom template. Then click or expand the +New button from the command bar. And then click on +Add template like below:
add custom templates to sharepoint document library
  • Then it will ask you to select the template file from the local system. Here I choose the Excel file we created in the above step.
Add templates to a sharepoint document library
  • Once the template is successfully uploaded, the custom template (Company Sales Template) will be visible under the same +New button.
Add a document template to sharepoint library
  • Now, every time, a user will or click this custom template to create an Excel file, it will open the custom template.

This is how to add templates to a SharePoint online document library.

Change SharePoint document library template order

By default, when we set a custom template in a library, the template will appear at the last position. We can change the order of SharePoint document library templates.

  • Open the SharePoint document library, click on +New -> Edit New menu
Change sharepoint document library template order
  • This will open the Edit New menu option, from where we can show, hide, or we can change the order of each menu item.
Change sharepoint online document library template order
  • If you want to hide any template, simply uncheck the menu and click on Save.
  • In the same, to change the order, click on the more options and then use the Move Up or Move Down.
  • To delete a custom template, click on the Delete option from the More options.

This is how to change the order for a custom template in the SharePoint Online document library.


Here, I have explained about custom templates in a SharePoint document library. Step by step, we saw here how to set a custom template for a SharePoint Online document library. Also, I have explained how to change the order of the custom template in the library.

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