Power Automate toUpper() Function [How to Use]

I had to convert a string to upper case while working on a Power Automate project. Additionally, it’s stunning that Microsoft Power Automate has a function named toUpper() that can transform any character to upper case.

This Power Automate article assists you in learning about the Power Automate toUpper() function, its syntax, and how to use it with various scenarios like:

  • How to use the Power Automate toUpper() function manually
  • Working with Power Automate toUpper() function using a SharePoint list

Power Automate toUpper() Function

The toUpper() function in Power Automate converts all items in a string to uppercase, which means it sets all the characters of a provided string to capital letters.

If the given string contains uppercase letters, the characters will remain unchanged and return the same letters without changing them in Power Automate.

This function is a counterpart of the Power Automate Lower() function, which converts all the characters in a given string to lowercase characters.

Power Automate toUpper() Function Syntax

The syntax of the toUpper() function in Power Automate is as follows:



toUpper(‘Lidia Holloway’) // Output – ‘LIDIA HOLLOWAY’

How to Use Power Automate toUpper() Function Manually

Let’s discuss how we can manually work with the toUpper() function in Power Automate. Follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Power Automate in the browser to open a Power Automate page. Click on +Create -> Select Instant cloud flow. In the next window, Give the flow name, select Manually trigger a flow, and click on Create.

  • Add a text box to provide input value to the trigger.
Power Automate toupper() function

2. In the next step, add an “Initialize variable” flow action to store the text string value. Set the details below:

  • Name: Add a name for an initialized variable.
  • Type: Select the datatype as ‘String’.
  • Value: Take text value from the dynamic content.
Power Automate functions Upper() function

3. Then, add the “Compose” data operation to provide a toUpper() expression and see the output of a string.

  • Inputs: Add value generated from the initialized variable with toUpper expression.
ToUpper function in Power Automate

4. Now, it’s time to save and test the flow. Click on Save. Test it Manually.

Power Automate functions toupper function explained

5. Observe the outputs of the compose flow action, which will display the upper case characters of a string as shown below.

Power Automate Convert to Uppercase

This way, we can manually convert a string from lower to upper case using the Power Automate toUpper function.

Power Automate toUpper() Function Using a SharePoint List

Next, we will see how to convert a string to upper case using a SharePoint list in Power Automate.

Recently, we have been working on a SharePoint list, and my manager gave me a task: when a new item is created in a list, convert text column values to upper-case characters and update those values in a SharePoint list.

In a flow, I will use one of the SharePoint lists, ‘Resume Collection Form,’ to perform the toUpper() function.

How to use the Power Automate toupper() expression

Here, I will convert values in the text column “User Profile Name” to an upper case version of characters using a toUpper() function in Power Automate.

Let’s build a Power Automate flow that will trigger automatically when a new item is created in a SharePoint list.

Follow the below steps to implement the Power Automate toUpper() string function inside a flow.

1. Open a Power Automate home page, click on + Create -> Select Automated cloud flow -> Provide flow name, and choose a trigger as When an item is created -> click on Create. Set details below in a trigger.

  • Site Address: Select a specific list name from a drop-down.
  • List Name: Choose a SharePoint list name from the drop-down.
What is toUpper() function in Power Automate

2. After that, add an Initialize variable to store the values of a text column. Set the details below in the variable.

  • Name: Provide the name for a variable.
  • Type: Select datatype by clicking on drop-down.
  • Value: Take the SharePoint list column from dynamic content.
ToUpper() function in Power Automate

3. Next, add the ” Compose” data operation to set the toUpper() expression and the variable.

  • Inputs: Add the below-given value in the inputs.
toUpper(variables('User Profile'))
Power Automate string functions toUpper()

4. Finally, add the ‘Update item flow action and select parameters like Site Address, List Name, ID, and Title.

  • User Profile Name: Add the value of outputs of the compose flow action.
Power Automate expressions toUpper() function

4. Now, the flow is ready to save and test. So, click on Save and then Test it. Test the flow Manually.

5. Now add an item to the SharePoint list, then the newly created SharePoint list item will get updated with the upper case version of characters as below:

Power Automate flow expressions toUpper() function

This way, we can use the Power Automate toUpper() function with a SharePoint list.


With the above examples, I hope you can easily understand the Power Automate toUpper() function and how to use it in a Power Automate.

Also, we saw how to convert a string from lower case to upper case manually in Power Automate. Furthermore, we discussed using the Power Automate toUpper() function with a SharePoint list.

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