Power Automate concat() Function [With Examples]

Do you want to know how to concatenate strings in Power Automate? If you are not aware, then check out this Power Automate tutorial.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to use the Power Automate concat() function and its syntax.

I will show you a few examples of concatenating strings in Power Automate Instant Cloud flow. In another example, I have explained how to concatenate columns in Power Automate for a SharePoint list in an Automated cloud flow.

In Power Automate, the concat() function concatenates multiple strings (joins them together) into a single string. It takes two or more string values as input and combines them into a single string.

Power Automate concat() Function

The Power Automate concatenate function can combine multiple text inputs into a single output string. The concat() will only combine what we have provided exactly. Spaces should also be added if users want to include them between text strings.

This can be useful for generating file names or simply combining text to use inside the flow.


  • First Name= South
  • Last Name= America
  • Output = SouthAmerica
concat('South',' ','America')
Microsoft Power Automate concat() function

This is a brief introduction to the Power Automate concat() function.

Power Automate concat() Function Syntax

The code below will show the syntax of the Power Automate concat() function expression.

Syntax: concat('text1','text2','text3',...,'textn')


  • text_1: The first text string is included in the concatenate value.
  • text_2: The second text string is included in the concatenate value.
  • text_n: The last text string is combined to give the concatenated value.

Return value:

In the syntax of the Power Automate concat() function, a comma should separate strings, and the result will give the concatenated string.

This is all about the Power Automate syntax for the concat() function.

How to use the Power Automate concat() function

Here, I will provide examples based on the Power Automate concatenate() function with different scenarios.

Let’s look at the examples given below!

Example1:- Power Automate concat() function using Instant cloud flow

Let’s create an “Instant cloud flow” that will be triggered manually in Power Automate. Follow the below steps.

1. Navigate to the Power Automate Home page at https://make.powerautomate.com. Click on +Create and select “Instant cloud flow”.In the next window, set the flow name, choose “Manually trigger a flow,” and click on Create.

2. Next, add an “Initialized variable” to give the below details.

  • Name: Give a name for an initialized variable.
  • Type: Select datatype as ‘String
  • Value: Here, I have given a text string value as Lidia Holloway.
concat() function expression format in Power Automate

3. Then, add a “Compose” flow action to concatenate the strings. In the “Inputs” parameter, add the value below.

Inputs: Select the field -> Click Expression -> Insert the below code.

concat('Hello!',' ',variables('Name'))

After the expression, Click OK.

Power Automate concat() string and variable

4. Once the flow has been created. Click on Save and Test it Manually.

How to concat strings in Power Automate

5. Now, the outputs of the compose flow action will display combined strings separated by the space.

  • The Power Automate concat() output will give “Hello! Lidia Holloway”.
How to combine strings in Power Automate

This is how to combine the text strings with Power Automate’s concat() function.

Example 2:- Power Automate concat() function using SharePoint list

Similarly, let me explain another example of the concat() function using a SharePoint list in Power Automate.

Based on the requirement, I have created a SharePoint list named ‘Employee Details’ with the below shown columns. You can refer to the SharePoint list image below.

Column NameData Type
Employee IDIt is a Single line of text- By default, the Title column
Employee First NameA single line of text
Employee Last NameA single line of text
Employee Full NameSingle line of text
Power Automate concatenate() different SharePoint columns

I wanted to concatenate the SharePoint list columns Employee First Name and Employee Last Name to update a combined text value in the Employee Full Name using Power Automate.

After using the Power Automate concat() function, then my result will be like as shown in the below image:

How to concatenate text string in Power Automate

Let’s create a Power Automate “Automated cloud flow,” which will trigger automatically when an item is created in the SharePoint list.

Follow step-by-step instructions to build a Power Automate flow:

1. Click on App Launcher -> Select Power Automate. Click on +Create and select “Automated cloud flow”. In the next window, set the flow name, choose the trigger “When an item is created,” and click on Create.

Here are the details below:

  •  Site address: Choose a SharePoint site from the drop-down.
  •  List Name: Select a list name from the drop-down.
Power Automate concat() expression using SharePoint list

2. add the “Update item” flow action and set the details below. Apply to each loop will be added automatically.

  • Site Address: Select a SharePoint site from the drop-down.
  • List Name: Choose a SharePoint list from drop-down.
  • Id: Take Id from the dynamic content.
  • Employee Full Name: Add the expression below.
concat(items('Apply_to_each')?['field_1'],' ',items('Apply_to_each')?['field_2'])
How to use concat() function in Microsoft Power Automate

3. Now the flow is ready, Save it. Click on Test-> Run the flow manually.

4. Now, add an item to the SharePoint list to trigger the flow. When the flow runs successfully, it will update the SharePoint list column as displayed below.

concatenate() SharePoint list columns Power Automate

This is how to use the concat() function in a Power Automate flow to combine strings on a SharePoint list.


I hope you got a better understanding of concatenate fields in Power Automate. By using the Power Automate concat() function, we can easily concatenate strings in Power Automate.

I have also shown a few examples of Power Automate concat() function examples and how to concatenate columns in Power Automate in SharePoint list.

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