Power Automate Chunk() Function [With Examples]

I recently worked on a Power Automate project where I had to divide the string into equal segments according to the given length. One amazing function offered by Power Automate is the Chunk() function. By using this function, I achieved my task.

Also, at the same time, I thought about writing an article on what the Power Automate Chunk() function is, its syntax, and how to use it with various examples like:

  • Use the Power Automate Chunk() function manually.
  • How to use the Power Automate Chunk() function using the SharePoint list

Power Automate Chunk() Function

The Power Automate Chunk() function will break the string into equal parts based on the provided length. If the string remains with extra special characters, the remaining characters will also be considered one chunk.

It will also split an ‘Array’ into equal halves. Moreover, this Chunk function calculates and includes spaces while separating the string into equal sizes. If the string is left with extra characters, the remaining characters will also be considered one part.

Aside from that, Chunk() can also be used to convert a string to an array in Power Automate.

Power Automate Chunk() Function Syntax

The below represents the syntax of the Chunk() function in Power Automate:

chunk('<String>', <length>)

It returns the output as an array with the text provided in particular defined sizes.

  • String: The text string that should be divided into equal sizes.
  • Length: It should be in the form of an integer, which results in the size of chunks.


chunk(‘[Lynne Robbins]’,3) // Output – [“Lyn”, “ne “, “Rob”, “bin” ,”s”]

How to Use Power Automate Chunk() Function Manually

Here, we will see how to use the chunk() function in Power Automate manually. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Power Automate home page, click +Create -> select Instant cloud flow -> give the flow a name -> select Manually trigger a flow -> click Create. Again, click +Add an input -> Select Text to provide text manually inside the trigger.

2. Under the flow trigger, add an ‘Initialize variable’ flow action to store the text value during the flow. Set parameters like Name, Type, and Value as shown below.

Power Automate chunk() Function

3. Then, add a ‘Compose’ data operation to add the chunk() function expression in the inputs section as placed in the code below.

Power Automate Chunk() Function

4. Now, it’s time to save and test the flow Manually. Click on Save and Test. In the Run flow window, provide the text value in the box to test it. Click on Runflow.

Power Automate Chunk

5. When the flow runs successfully, it will display the array of equal chunks from the provided text as shown below:

Power Automate flow chunk() function

This is how to use the string chunk() function inside a Power Automate flow to get equal parts of a text string.

How to Use Power Automate Chunk() Function using SharePoint List

In this example, I will explain another example of the Power Automate chunk() function based on the SharePoint list.

  • There is a SharePoint list named Medical Camp Registration with the columns below:
ColumnData type
Full NameTitle [Single line of text]
Date of BirthDate
Health Insurance PolicyYes no
Policy CodeSingle line of text
Chunk() in Power Automate

1. Open the Power Automate home page and click + Create -> select Automated cloud flow and provide a flow name. Choose the When an item is created trigger and click on Create. Then, select the site address and list name.

Chunk() function in Power Automate

2. Under that, ‘Initialize a variable’ of the SharePoint list column, so that it will store the values of that column during the flow. Add the details like:

  • Name: Give a name for an initialized variable.
  • Type: Select the datatype from the drop-down.
  • Value: Take value from the dynamic content.
Chunk() function in Power Automate

3. Finally, add the ‘Compose’ data operation to provide a chunk() expression along with the variable.

chunk(variables('Policy Number'),3)
Chunk() in Power Automate example

4. Now, the flow is ready to save and test. So, click on Save and then Test it. Test the flow Manually.

At this step, add a new list item to the SharePoint list.

5. Open the ‘Compose’ data operation to check the output returned from the chunk() expression.

Chunk Function() Expression in Power Automate

This is how to use Power Automate’s chunk() function expression to split strings into equal chunks.


I hope you understand how to work with the Power Automate chunk() function to split the string or an array into equal chunks.

Additionally, we saw how to use the Power Automate Chunk() function manually and a SharePoint list with different examples.

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