No item to display in Power Apps [Solved]

In this Power Apps tutorial, I will discuss an error as “No item to display” while working with the Power Apps form.

This issue arises when you connect a Power Apps Edit form to your SharePoint list and try to preview it. In this tutorial, let us check how to achieve it.

You can refer to the image below that how this error [No item to display in Power Apps] looks like.

Power Apps no item to display in preview

To eliminate this, refer to the Power Apps error details and its solution below.

Power Apps Error: No item to display in Power Apps

Let me describe how I faced this error while working on the Power Apps Edit Form.

In Power Apps, I have an Edit form and a Button control. That Power Apps edit form is connected to a SharePoint list Data source named Employee Tasks.

Every field on the form is taken directly from that specific SharePoint list. A user will open the app, enter the field values, and click the SUBMIT button. Once they submit the form, a new form will appear simultaneously to enter the new record. Also, at the same time, all the form records will be saved in the SharePoint list.

But when I clicked on the SUBMIT button [in Preview mode], instead of showing a new Power Apps form, I got an error like “No item to display” as shown below. At the same time, the record is saved into the SharePoint list.

PowerApps no item to display in preview

Solution: No item to display in Power Apps

Now we will see the solution to overcome the error No item to display in Power Apps.

1. Whenever you add the Power Apps form, the Default mode will always be set to Edit mode [as in the image below].

2. This means by default, the form is in Edit mode. To edit an item in edit mode, you need to have it selected; otherwise, you will see a blank form and this above error message.

Power Apps no item to display

3. To fix this issue, select the Power Apps Edit form from the Properties pane -> Expand the Default mode and set it to New, as shown below:

Power Apps showing no items to display

4. Alternatively, we can specify the NewForm(Form1) expression on the Button’s OnSelect property:

For that, select the SUBMIT button and set its OnSelect property to the code below:

OnSelect = SubmitForm(Form1); NewForm(Form1)


Form1 = Power Apps Edit Form Name

Power Apps new form no item to display

5. Finally, Save, Publish, and Preview the app. Click the SUBMIT button after filling out the form. A new form will appear instead of displaying an error message now [as shown in the image below]. The information will also be stored in the SharePoint list.

powerapps form shows no items to display

This is how to fix the Power Apps error: no item to display in preview mode.


I trust that the Power Apps article helped you to solve the “No item to display” error when using the Power Apps Edit form.