Power Apps Error: Expected Record Value

In this Power Apps tutorial, I will discuss an error as Expected Record Value that comes while working with a Power Apps Combobox control.

Also, I will show you how to overcome this error. Refer to the below for how the error looks like:

Power Apps Expected Record Value

Power Apps Error: Expected Record Value

In this section, I will explain an error about the “Expected Record Value” of a combo box control.

I have a SharePoint list [Product Issue Tracker], which has different columns like:

Fields NameData type
Product IDTitle
Issue TypeChoice [“Washing Machine”, “Television”, “Oven”, “Refrigerator”]
Issue Assigned ToPerson/group
Is Still Issue is ActiveYes/no
Issue Start DateDate and time
Issue Resolved DateDate and time
Power Apps Expected Record Value Combo box
  • In Power Apps, there is an Edit form and a Gallery control, which are both connected to the above SharePoint list.
  • Whenever the user clicks on a particular item in the gallery control, that item will be displayed in the edit form.
Expected record value Power Apps combo box
  • The edit form contains an Issue Assigned To field [SharePoint list person type column].
  • In the combo box control, I tried to display the user name based on the item selected by a gallery control. I have set the combo box Default property as
Default = varIssue.'Issue Assigned To'.DisplayName


  1. varIssue = Variable name
  2. Issue Assigned To = SharePoint list person or group type column name
  • But now, I faced an error as “Expected Record Value” [It clearly says that it is an unexpected value; to overcome this, provide the expected value] as shown below:
Power Apps combo box default expected record value

Solution: Expected Record Value

To overcome the error of “Expected Record Value“, follow the below code to get a solution:

  • On the Power Apps edit form, Select the Combo box control -> Set its DefaultSelectedItems to:
DefaultSelectedItems = Gallery1.Selected.'Issue Assigned To'


  1. Gallery1: Gallery control name
  2. Issue Assigned To: SharePoint list Person/group type column name
Expected record value in Power Apps combo box
  • Save, Publish, and Preview the app. When the user selects an item from the gallery control, the combo box control will display the user name based on the item selected.
Power Apps combo box expected record value

This is the solution for an error about the “Power Apps Expected Record Value” in the Combo Box.


This Power Apps tutorial taught in detail information about the error of “Power Apps Expected Record Value“.

Also, I have provided the solution with the code to overcome when a user faces this error.

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