How to Use Drill Down Or Drill UP in Power BI Pie Chart?

This Power BI tutorial will help you work with Power BI Pie chart drill down or drill up.

Recently, I was working with a Power BI Pie chart where I needed to change the navigation data from one level to a more detailed level.

This tutorial will discuss Power BI Pie chart drill options and how to use drill down or drill up in Power BI Pie chart. Also, we will show how many ways we can access the drill option in the Power BI Pie chart.

Power BI Pie Chart Drill Down or Drill UP

In Power BI Pie chart drill-down and drill-up is a very important feature that helps to navigate data, allowing you to move from one level to a more detailed level or vice versa in a Power BI report.

The first Power BI Pie chart shows only profit by year. After applying the drill feature, the Pie chart shows profit by year, quarter, month, and day.

Power BI Pie Chart Drill Down or Drill UP

Ways to Access the Drill Features in Power BI Pie Chart

There are three ways to access the drill-down, drill-up, and expand features for visuals.

One way is to hover over a visual to use the icons in the action bar in Power BI.

Power BI Drill down on pie char

The second way to access the drill features is by right-clicking on the Power BI visual to open a menu with drill feature options.

how many way use Drill option in Power BI

Another way to access the drill features is by selecting the visual -> click on the Data/Drill tab.

Creating Drill-Down Pie Charts in Power BI

How to Use Drill Down Or Drill UP in Power BI Pie Chart

Here we have a SharePoint list (Amazongo) that we use in this example:

ColumnsData Types
Order DateDate and time
Customer NameSingle line of text
StateSingle line of text
Product NameSingle line of text
CategorySingle line of text
Sub-CategorySingle line of text
Pie Chart Drill Down & Drilling filters in Power BI


We can perform drill down or drill up only hierarchy data. We cannot see the drill icons presented without hierarchy data at the top of the Power BI Visual.

For example, I wanted to drill down based on the “Order date” and “Profit” in the pie chart. The data hierarchy is “Order Date,” i.e., year, quarter, month, and day. We can see profit by year, profit by quarter, profit by month, and profit by day. To do this, follow the below steps.

1. Open Power BI Desktop and load the data. Then, you see data in the Data pane.

Drill Down & Drill Up in Power BI

2. Under the Visualizations pane, click the Pie chart. Then, drag Order Date into the Legend field and Profit into the Values field.

Adding drill-downs to visual data

3. Your visual has a hierarchy if the drill control options appear in the action bar. Check the screenshot below.

Power Bi Pie Chart Drill Down or Drill UP

3. Now, start using the drill feature using action bar icons. Selecting the double arrow drill-down icon takes you to the next level in the hierarchy.

For example:

At the top, we create a pie chart in which the pie chart shows a Profit by Year, but our requirement is Profit by quarter.

When you click the Double Down arrow, It will show the next level in the hierarchy, which displays the Sum of Profit by Quarter. Check the screenshot below.

How to Create a Power bi Pie Chart Drill Down

4. When you click the Double Down arrow again, it displays the “Sum of Profit by Month” similar to the “Sum of Profit by Day.” Check the screenshot below.

Drill up and Drill down option not showing in power bi Pie chart

Now we are in the lower level (Profit by Day) in the Pie chart. If you need to go to a high level (Profit by year) now, “Drill up” is helpful.

5. When you click the first up arrow, it means “Drill up” moves lower-level data to higher levels of data. Check the screenshot below.

Drill up in Power BI pie chart

If your requirement is to expand all at the same time (i.e., Profit by Year and Quarter, Profit by Year and Quarter and Month, Profit by Year and Quarter and Month and Day), then Expand all down one level in the hierarchy is helpful.

6. The Expand option adds another hierarchy level to the current view.

How to Create Hierarchical Pie Chart using Level of Detail in Power BI

If your requirement is drilling down one field at a time by selecting a visual element, then the single down arrow is helpful.

7. Click the single-down arrow option, which is a drill-down option. Then, the grey background indicates that the drill-down option is turned on. Check the screenshot below.

Drill Down Feature in Power BI

8. It works like when you click a particular point to drill. For example, If you want to see only “2018,” click on the slice. It will show only 2018 data.

How to drill down to next level in a hierarchy in Power Bi Pie chart

In this way, you can apply drill mode using the header icon.


With the help of icons in the action bar, right-clicking on visual, click the Data/Drill tab, you can perform the drill feature in Power BI.

I hope you can follow the above steps and use the drill feature on the Pie chart in Power BI. Here, we learned how to use the drill feature and how many ways you can use the drill feature.

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