How to change SharePoint site URL?

SharePoint Online Admins can easily rename sites in Admin Center by simply changing the SharePoint Online Site Address. SharePoint Online admin center now supports changing the Site address and display name of a site. This SharePoint tutorial explains how to change sharepoint site URL.

Change SharePoint site URL

Here, we will see how to change the SharePoint Online site address step by step.

  • Open the SharePoint Online admin center by clicking the URL https://<tenant-name>
  • Click on the App launcher from the top -> Click on Admin.
change sharepoint site url
  • Under the Admin Centers, click on SharePoint.
how to change sharepoint site url
  • In SharePoint Admin Center, Expand Sites section -> Click Active sites.
sharepoint change site url
  • Choose the SharePoint site [Online Learning Class] from the Active sites page to which you wish to change the SharePoint site Address.
change sharepoint url
  • The current Address of the SharePoint site is
  • Click on the Edit option ->
  • Choose to edit under the Address part in the top bar and from the pane that opens on the right.
change sharepoint site url
  • Enter the new Address in the Edit ‎SharePoint ‎Online Site address box and click Save.
change sharepoint site url
  • Just click on yes button to approve.
how to change sharepoint site url
  • Again, this will give you the option to change the Site Name as well; you can do this or skip it (you can always change the Site Name later by going to the site and clicking Gear Icon > Site Information)
how to change url of sharepoint site
  • Now we have changed the site Address to
  • Here are the changes we made to the site.
how to change url of sharepoint site

This is how to change the URL of a SharePoint site.

What happens to the former URL address after changing it

  • When we change the site URL, it’s not changed. It creates a new SharePoint site, automatically redirecting Old URL to the new site address.
  • Similarly, the files or folders shared through the Old URL will still work as they are redirected to the existing one.
  • But it displays the New URL site address in the Active sites.


We learn how to change the SharePoint site URL from the SharePoint admin center.

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