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Hi, I am Bijay Kumar

Python Expert

I, Bijay Kumar Sahoo, wear several hats with ease and passion: a Microsoft MVP, a specialist in SharePoint and related technologies, a seasoned professional with over a decade and a half of experience, and an entrepreneur. My foray into this field began through an inspiring startup journey, later moving on to companies such as Hewlett Packard (HP) and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), where my expertise in SharePoint technologies further solidified.

As an entrepreneur, I take immense pride in being the founder of TSinfo Technologies. We are a dynamic IT company mastering an array of technologies, from SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, SharePoint Framework (SPFx), and Azure to Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and SQL Server, to name a few.

Expressing my understanding and insights, I enjoy writing various technical articles on my blogs – SPGuides.com and EnjoySharePoint.com. My pursuit of knowledge sharing also sees me actively participating in various speaking activities. Moreover, as an author, I’ve penned down my expertise in the books Microsoft Power Platform – A Deep Dive and SharePoint Online Modern Experience Practical Guide.

Sharing my knowledge with a wider audience, I also educate about SharePoint on my EnjoySharePoint YouTube Channel. This initiative allows me to connect with fellow enthusiasts and learners from around the globe.

Away from the world of technology and entrepreneurship, I treasure my time reading books, cherishing moments with my family, and embarking on long drives with them. These activities help me rejuvenate, ensuring I remain ever-ready for new challenges and ventures.

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